More pictures of my shed

Here's a bunch of more recent pictures, dating from around late 2006 to the middle of 2008. Unfortunately, the original use for the shed has long since gone, and it is now a storage ground for some... stuff!

Outside on a mild day
A view on a mild day. Look, hanging baskets!

Super cheap screen shrouds
The monitors on PCs 1 and 2 - note the tactical, anti-snooping shroud installed on #1. Hardly a marvel of engineering (cardboard and duck tape, unite!), but it does work. Sort of...

Monitors without shrouds
Shed PCs 3 and 4 without the monitor shrouds.

Base units, part 1
Base units of PCs 1 and 2. Note the super-custom red vent hole cut into #1, which was added long, long ago to fix an apparent overheating problem (that eventually turned out to be due to the motherboard being, erm, crap!). This one's long since died of some other issue - #2 is still OK, but has been powered off for quiiite a long time, for reasons which will become apparent if you scroll down a few images further...

Base units, part 2
Base units of PCs 3 and 4; #3 no longer exists as I moved the guts into another case (an old-but-good aluminium Cooler Master desktop chassis) and which is now my main "spare" PC at home, #4 was only a slow old bag of bones anyway, and has since been given away. Naturally, the potentially offensive Hilter Packard sticker was removed prior to the generous donation being made :P

Resting on top of #3 is my old Acorn A7000+, which as you may have read elsewhere on the site has long since been destroyed by yours-truly in a mad-but-unwise second round of attempted overclocking. Now residing on a scrapheap somewhere (though I did hold on to a few of the "valuables" such as the RISC-OS ROM chips).

And now for the bad stuff...

...oh dear.
...oh dear. Unfortunately, due to being at university most of the time, and due to the total lack of LAN parties I have hosted (due to most of my friends going to... erm... university :P), my dad decided the best thing he could do with the space was to basically offer it out to someone he knows who runs a small business selling stuff on eBay (probably cardboard boxes, judging by the photo!)

So for now, it would seem, the reign of the ShedLAN is at an end. But maybe it will be back in future... my current idea is to submit computer gaming to the International Olympic Committee, hope that it gets approved, and - you guessed it - use my shed to host gaming tournaments for London 2012! Never has a better idea been put down for the world to see (and laugh at hysterically).

...ohhhhhh dear.
More junk. And, last but not least...

Cardboard, glorious cardboard

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