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Got a nice sunny picture of the shed, for once :D


27/11/2010: Recently, I have been trying to play Pro Pinball: The Web again on my PC, and having no luck at all. My main system specs are much higher than the game's requirements, but I run Windows Vista with SP2, which is a bit of a problem with a lot of older games. However, Microsoft have released a compatibility update not only for The Web, but also a huge amount of older games.

Despite this being installed on my OS, the game refused to run correctly after installation - whether running the main game or the menu application, it simply displayed a black screen, then returned to the desktop, though it was still loaded in the background. If I clicked on the game again in the taskbar, the same process happened. However, I have found a solution - if you have the Windows Aero theme enabled (as I did), simply switch to a non-Aero theme (such as Windows Vista Basic or Windows Classic). Now you should be able to run the game with no problems :-)

02/11/2010: Some PHP is now starting to creep into the site - by which I mean, I don't need to manually update the year of copyright anymore on most pages. I may be doing some more Dreamcast stuff in future, as I now actually own two PAL units - one with a faulty laser, and the other in good working order which has been modified with a VGA connector as described on mmmonkey's console mods website. However, on the good unit I am also looking to add in this serial-to-USB modification - and by "add in" I mean to try and stuff it into the unit so it doesn't stick out the back - but whether that will happen, who knows.

Finally, the site may get revamped at some point, as I'm not entirely wild about the "design" of it anymore, not least when it doesn't even have any proper navigation elements! But again, I'll need to see if I can clear some time for it in the future.

10/02/2009: First update (and possibly last...?) of the year - I have fixed the inaccessible directories containing the GD-ROM ripping guides by adding some basic index pages to show the contents of the folders (namely, the rip guides by StateS, Yursoft and Kortex), so that means no more 403 errors :)

P.S. The above change only applies to the main site on Hacking CulT, not the mirror on my Virgin Media / NTL webspace.

29/04/2008: Believe it or not, but there is an update in GD-ROM Ripping Stuff, to the secondary drive compatibility list - nothing big, but at least it's something!

23/04/2008: New look for most of the site pages - it might not burn your eyes quite so much as the old colour scheme did. If you were looking for new content though - well, there isn't any! (No time to do stuff like that these days...)

(Really) old news is available for viewing here.

The Other Stuff

Videos - as usual, just the one file; a clip of an interesting-but-unexplained bug in Streets of Rage 2.
Photos, Scans, Graphics, etc. - what it says on the tin.
SA:DX Demo Oddities - unusual things from Japanese Demo B.
Old Sonic CulT:Off Topic Page on Comix Zone - back in 2004, I was working on two pages for SC:OT (Sonic-CulT:Off Topic, the predecessor site of X-CulT, hosted by infamous Sonic fan site Sonic CulT). One was about the Comix Zone beta for the Mega Drive / Genesis and is linked to here. The pages use the HTML/CSS template standard at the time for X-CulT, so it's probably not at all compliant with web standards, and contains poorly-worded sentences - you have been warned!

The other SC:OT page I was working on was about the cancelled PS2 remake of Vectorman (previously seen twice on the Sega Mega Drive). Much like the game, this page was never completed, as I never managed to gather much detail about it. There is a demo video of the game on YouTube, though.

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