Pictures of my shed

A brief bit of information about the shed:

Construction was begun in mid-2004, and things happened, and it was finished in early 2005. Only my dad (a carpenter & joiner with over 40 years' experience), myself and a friend were involved in the construction, though it has to be said, he's responsbile for most of it - well, except for the PCs =P.

Although it looks like it cost a fortune, the total came to "only" £1,000 as we got some of the materials for free - namely, the windows, the door, the concrete slabs for the base, the real wood flooring (rescued from a skip - to buy enough for the shed would've cost several hundred pounds!), and the armoured electrical cable. Plus, we saved on paint by using old supplies stored in the loft in house (I think), and the mini-fridge, chest of drawers, TV and the table PC 5's monitor + peripherals sits on were all free. Finally, 3 of the monitors and PCs 3 and 4 were free, as were some of the keyboards - they were unwanted stock from a local company.

That's about all the history I can think of, so scroll down for some photos...

Not shown: recently added light to the front of the shed, and plastic panels to the windows to keep heat in
A view from the outside in the morning, without a bloody great logo stuck over it =P

Still haven't repaired this one, probably never will :(
Shed PC 1 - an AMD Duron @ 1300MHz, 256MB PC133 SDRAM, 20GB HDD (with additional 9.1GB 10K RPM SCSI HDD), GeForce 3 Ti 200, Ensoniq ES1373 (I think), all served on an ECS K7S5A Rev 1.x motherboard. The Duron CPU broke recently and I haven't bothered replacing it yet because sellers on eBay have this strange notion that a chip of this speed is worth more than £15 - so I'm not about to replace it just yet.

PCs 2-4 are still going strong (PC 4 being the mini tower P3 machine, not the old dual P3 giant :P)
From foreground to background:

Still chugging along nicely, this one

Coming soon: overclocked air-cooled shelves! Not :P
Well, not quite - this is the most recent addition to the shed... some shelves. :D

Bonus Bits

Some newer photos of the shed PCs can be seen here. Plus, for a look at the aftermath of one of the early ShedLAN parties (number 4, I believe, out of about 11 over the last 3 years), click here.

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