Beta/Final Logos And Menus

Differences between the Beta/Final Logos

Left Animation: Beta SEGA Logo - the regular SEGA logo stretching into the centre of the screen.

Right Animation: Final SEGA Logo - a black & white SEGA logo streching into the centre of the screen and spinning around twice. Mortus' hand then writes "Presents" at the bottom. Note: In the Japanese version the SEGA logo is black & white shaded blue, on the European/USA versions it's just black & white.

Left Animation: The totally different Beta STI logo with a nice ripple effect.

Right Image: The Final STI logo, not animated though :(

Differences between the Beta/Final Title Screens

Left Image: The Beta Title Screen. The Comix Zone logo doesn't bounce into the screen, it appears with the options/copyrights after the background unrolls. The copyright and "PAT. PENDING" are positioned differently.

Right Animation: The Final Title Screen, featuring the bouncing CZ logo. Also, the small black blotch on Sketch's knee in the Beta has been fixed, and "All Rights Reserved" is in the bottom-right corner instead.

Differences between the Beta/Final Option Screens

On the left we have the Beta options menu. Unlike the Final, there are no language options but there's also now a "Debug" menu and a "Credits" menu. The Jukebox tracks are laid out differently too. And instead of the Exit option, you press Start to go straight into the game instead of getting to see the title screen one more time. See the Beta/Final comparisons of these features below:

In the Beta (left) the only difference is the "Bonus Yell" move, which makes Sketch shout "Oh Yeah!", has been renamed to the Macho Yell in the Final (right).

The Beta Jukebox only has six tracks, and they're all openings to each level. (Right: Final).

Here we see the Beta Debug menu, with Level Select, Panel Select - what point of the level you start in - a Panel Switch option - this can be changed to Instant to (supposedly) get rid of the bit where Sketch jumps to the next frame but it doesn't work. Finally, the Demo Play option is there, but this doesn't work either - the game flashes up quickly (first frame Level 1) then crashes back to the Title Screen.

And finally... the Beta/Final Credits

As you can see, the Beta credits are just flashed up in the usual Options screen, not like in the Final credits, which scroll down the screen, and are presented with a widescreen effect. But in the Beta, you just selected Credits from the Options screen, in the Final go into the Options and hold down A+B+C to bring them up.

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