Intro Sequence Changes

Starting Intro

This was changed a lot from Beta (left) to Final (right) - namely, the opening text was changed, the lightning bolts were added, the music was changed and you could see into Sketch's apartment.

The text is also positioned differently for each version. Not really sure why "Bowery" was taken out, though.

Episode 1

On the left you have the Beta version, on the right you have the Final version of the Episode 1 intro sequence. Typically any ordinary (stupid) person would launch straight into the game without watching it, but watch them and a few things are different:

"We" has been changed to "I", possibly because at one time another character could have been present, but was removed. And "General" is abbrev. in the Beta, which is silly because you'd never abbrev. if you were actually talking to someone, would you? Last but not least in the Beta, Alissa says "You may need some of these items"... of course, at that time, there was nothing there!

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