Episode 3 - Beta

What's up with it?

Well, firstly there are no enemies, objects, or anything else present, except for Mortus at the end. Also, the starting music to Episode 1, Page 1 (before the sewers) plays throughout the level. There's some graphical distortion present as well - see below animation, and look at frame 1 - the water is flowing past the frame border - and frame 3, which has some purple distortion. And the route's been changed too. Instead, the multiple choice route comes up later on than usual. Otherwise, the route remains the same for both ways afterwards.

When you reach Mortus (quite easily, ho hum), there's no Alissa-dropping-in-and-getting-imprisoned-in-that nuke-by-Mortus sequence. Instead, he's already standing waiting for you. Jump up to him, and you start fighting. And below is the full collection of taunts and comments he makes. As you can see, they're quite, um, different, to the final...

Once you've defeated Mortus (who just disappears on death like normal enemies), the end-of-page arrow appears.

Follow it, and you get thrown back to the first level. Yep. That's your reward for defeating armies of hand-drawn enemies - to get thrown back to the beginning of the game. But hey now... this is a Beta version! STI didn't have time for that, they saved the excellent ending sequence* for the Final release. And about the Final Release ending sequence - see Page 7 of this guide.

*Well, it does depend on you rescuing Alissa before she drowns, otherwise... BAAAD ENDING!!!

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