Beta/Final Differences

Beta Version - Differences/Bugs/Etc

1. The music playing during the SEGA/STI logos is different, though not drastically different in style to that heard in the final version of this sequence.

2. The Title Screen music playing is also different, but sounds a lot more heavy in tone.

3. The death sound for all the monsters is the same "AAARRGGGHHH!". This was certainly voiced by a human, so must be a bit weird when you kill Gravises/Strilgis/etc expecting them to make the death sounds they would normally, instead they all die sounding like a wimpish McDonald's employee. Don't ask me why I chose that stereotype, it just struck me at the time...

4. You can go through enemies while attacking them - to do this, move towards them while doing the punching flurry. This only seems to work with Gravis.

5. The game runs a bit slower at times. This goes for playing it at either 50Hz or 60Hz.

6. Enemies can block your moves most of the time, so doing combos is tricky. My favorite combo, the foot sweep, punch & uppercut, doesn't work at all well if done quickly because the enemy auto-blocks for about 1-2 seconds after a first attack. To do good combos on, for example Gravis, you do the first attack in the combo, wait about 1-2 seconds and follow it up, then repeat until he's knocked down.

7. When you die, Sketch says "Game Over Man! Game Over!" and there's no ending sequence, instead you are dumped back to the title screen. And no continues are available if you die later on in the game (i.e. after Episode 1).

8. On the frame in Episode 2 when you come up against lots of Spawn Mutants, killing them is easy. Just do Sketch's "Long Standing Kick" (Left/Right+Attack) to kill them with one hit. Shockingly easy or what? =D

9. Number 8 can actually be done against almost any enemy, i.e. doing this to Gravis three times would kill him as long as it's not suddenly blocked.

10. Jumping into the corners of some frames can leave you permanently stuck, much like jumping into the lava on Episode 3 with Invinicibilty enabled in the Final release. See below:

11. It's possible to get Gravis stuck behind the barrel in Episode 1, Part 1. Knock him back at the right time/point and you might get this result:

12. Roadkill will get stuck whenever you stand in front of him (annoying at times):

13. You can jump over Gravis as many times as you want, because he can't do the two-fisted punch to blast you out of the air like in the Final.

14. Gravis occasionally raises his arms in the air and shouts "HAHA!", though he won't do it very often:

15. When you knock an enemy back into the wall, a big green "SLAM! appears on impact. In the final, no such text appears - which makes me wonder why it was removed.

16. Sometimes barrels blocking the frame's exit can become invincible when attacking them, turning a solid white colour, leaving you trapped in the frame.

17. When Alissa radios to update you, all she ever says is "Watch Out Sketch!". Bor-ring!

18. On rare occasions, the Health Bar sprite screws up:

19. The flaming barrels don't harm you:

20. On areas where you might knock Gravis (or an enemy) through a cage or an object/barrier, they will just end up standing on top of it, or slamming against it like it was a solid wall or door.

21. On Episode 3, Part 2, the "Shortcut" frame is not accessible at all in the Beta. The whole frame is just white with squares, as shown to the left. Also note the odd-looking palette in the Beta:

22. Below is a Beta glitch of epic proportions. If you're wondering why the trapdoor is out of place, it's because pushing the "!" box knocks it out of place. The health bar flickers differently, too, and there's no sound to warn you should it hit the red. The "!" box hasn't exploded either, because flame barrels don't damage anything in the Beta.

23. Sketch's uppercut goes higher and makes a punch noise whenever he does it. All items are smaller, too (note size of the Iced Tea bottle compared to Final, right. That particular bottle, found by destroying the barrels (not pictured =P), was changed for a Superhero Fist in the Final.

24. Sometimes you can get an illegal operation error in the Beta...

25. When Sketch is idle in the Beta, he has lots of different comments (left). In the Final, Sketch takes off his shoe and gets a nasty whiff (right). In both versions, Sketch says "Sega!" and tells you the elapsed game time when you pause.

26. Crawlers can climb up walls and ceilings! They then drop down on to you to try and do you more harm. But like the "SLAM!" graphic, it didn't make the final cut, and again, it's hard to see why...

Final Version - Differences/Bugs/Etc

1. Below is a graphic screwup on Episode 2, Frame 4. It always happens when you kill the first Flying Creature to emerge from the hole. The game briefly lags while this is happening, too.

2. The grapics around the "Big Mouth" on Episode 3, Part 1 disappear briefly after you've destroyed him, then reappear again once he's finished exploding.

3. At the start of Episode 3, Part 2, where you have two choices of route. Pick the lower route, and halfway through climbing down into the next frame, Sketch will say "Man, I don't know!?!". Most likely he was meant to say it either before he takes either of the two routes from the first panel, or when he's landed in the panel titled "On Deck", which also gives a choice of two routes.

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