Old News from Acorn A7000+ Overclocking

Note: no guarantee is given that any of the URLs on this page will still function.

15/06/2006: I managed to get hold of two 80MHz 5V oscillators - shock horror, but I found someone who could order stuff from RS, yay. Sadly, the Acorn refused to boot up, freezing after the startup beep sound. However, it may be possible to increase the I/O / RAM clock speed by desoldering the 64MHz oscillator West of the ARM7500, putting a socket there and putting in an 80MHz clock. I'll be sure to try it soon...

16/01/2006: God, I should've updated part of the OCing guide ages ago. The part in question is what voltage oscillator you should use in your A7000+ - it MUST be 5V. Using a 3.3V oscillator may have undesirable results, but I guess that's obvious enough. Anyway, my apologies to anyone who has blown up their Acorn thanks to that long-existing-but-now-fixed discrepancy. =\

24/11/2005: Last weekend marked a slightly historic achievement - I managed to connect up a fan via my A7000+'s normally unused fan connector! While it's not actually necessary to have one connected for overclocking, it *might* be if you want to push the CPU to ridiculous heights - say, over 80MHz and beyond. Anyway, I'll try and take some photos of the modified fan in a few days, and maybe, maybe make a video of it in action as well...

09/11/2005: After going to various shops, even as far afield as Sendz Components in Southend, I still haven't managed to nab any oscillator modules from 64 to 80MHz, and an attempt to link two together in series (via sockets) didn't work at all. Arrrrgghhh! (UPDATE: in fact, you can't join oscillators in this way all all, and expect it to work. However there may be a way of building a simple 2x amplification circuit using a few other parts, but I haven't tried this yet).

14/10/2005: Added pics of the inside (and outside) of my A7000+.

11/10/2005: This is the first test of the new front page for this, my relatively new (and original - no-one else has tried this until now, AFAIK =P) project of overclocking the Acorn A7000+. Due to me not having a credit card, and hence not being able to buy more oscillators at the moment (Rapid and RS do take orders by mail, but not postal orders and cheques?!), there will not be much activity on here for at least a few weeks.

Mind you, given that I've already finished the guide on doing this, and am now moving into the fine-tuning & refinement stages, AND happen to be at university of this time, any lack of updates should not be surprising =P